The tragedy of Hathras Nirbhaya

Hathras gang rape victim’s brother has made many serious allegations against the police. Talking to Aaj Tak, the victim’s brother also targeted the BJP government in the state. He said that the police had not even called an ambulance for Didi. Sister was lying on the ground. The policemen had said that take them from here. It is lying on the pretext.

  • Family members made many allegations against the police
  • The victim’s brother said – Police did not order an ambulance.
  • Didi starts getting good treatment from 22 September ‘

The victim’s family was sitting on a dharna at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. The police took them with them from here too. The family is also accusing Safdarjung Hospital. The victim’s brother said that the postmortem has been done, but the body has not been handed over to us. We have not been given any report.

He said that we had to wait for 8-10 days for the FIR. After registering the report, the police caught one accused and released the other. Further action followed the sit-in demonstration and the accused were arrested 10-12 days after the incident.

The victim’s brother said that the policemen did not call an ambulance. Sister was lying on the ground. The policemen had said that take them from here. It is lying on the pretext.

The victim’s brother said that Didi’s bleeding was not stopped for 10 to 15 days. After 22 September, he started getting good treatment. He was taken careless. He was not given proper treatment.

The victim’s brother says that he (the victim) was kept in the normal ward. We have no hope of justice from the UP government. The BJP government has not spoken anything on the incident. Neither CM Yogi Adityanath has said anything. Family members say they want justice. The accused should be hanged.

What did aligarh’s doctor say

The victim was referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi from JN Medical College, Aligarh. In conversation with Aaj Tak, Dr. MF Hooda of JN Medical College and Hospital of Aligarh Muslim University told that the victim was brought to our hospital on the night of 14 September. There was a lot of injury to his body. His spine was broken, resulting in paralysis of the entire body. Dr MF Hooda said that the victim was unconscious. She was on ventilator in ICU. We were giving them all possible treatment.

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