Naga Chaitanya: Often we become heroes, not actors

Naga Chaitanya: Often we become heroes, not actors
Actor Naga Chaitanya opens up on working in director Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Love Story’ and praises Sai Pallavi for helping him learn complex dance moves

Actor Naga Chaitanya is no stranger to love stories Ye Maya Chesave (2010), or part thereof Manami (2013) and majlik (2019). but his new telugu movie love storyDirected by Sekhar Kammula and co-starring Sai Pallavi, if the trailer is any indication, he will be seen going through the beats of an intense story of romance and small-town aspirations. Talking about theatrical release on September 24, the actor was under question in every field but maintains a respectful silence on the rumors about his married life, choosing to talk instead of his work.

love story Has he essayed the role of Revanth, who hails from a village in Telangana and opens a Zumba centre. Chaitanya, who grew up in Hyderabad and Chennai, admitted that Kammula’s story took him into a whole new territory: “We don’t talk enough about the issues of small towns. Telugu cinema has been mostly glamorous and larger than life. has changed with movies like care for kancharapalem And middle class tuneBut we don’t do enough. I was looking forward to being a part of Shekhar’s story and he took me through an incredible journey,” explains Chaitanya.

Talk of Love

500 days of Summer And Gitanjali Chaitanya’s all-time favorite romance titles. Recently, he mentioned enjoying watching the series modern love (Amazon Prime Video): “I especially liked the first two episodes; I thought the quirky style of love stories was wonderful. “
Kammula and two other writers on the team trained Chaitanya on the Telangana dialect. He says filming at Armoor in Nizamabad district helped him understand Revanth’s world more. Pre-production of the film included discussions on the characters’ back stories. Chaitanya says love story is more than just a boy-and-girl story: “The story looks at the complex issues of how events during childhood and how society affects parenting.”

Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi in ​​the film

Chaitanya compares the experience of working with Kamula to an acting school: “Often, we take cinematic liberties and become heroes rather than actors. Shekhar keeps things as real and unimportant as possible. There is a perception that Shekhar works in his own way and takes a long time to make the film. But I would recommend every actor to go through this process. The experience has enriched me and made me a better actor. Shekhar does not take anything lightly. He is dedicated to his art and pays attention to fine details.”

love story Places Chaitanya among a talented cast that includes Sai Pallavi and Ishwari Rao. He quips about matching dance steps with Sai Pallavi: “I’m not a great dancer and everyone knows how good she is,” he laughs, adding that Sai Pallavi complicates him. Taught by breaking the dance steps into simple ones. The ones. Not only for the dance sequence but every scene was also rehearsed. “An actor can shine only when co-actors give support. If my performance is appreciated, half the credit should go to Sai Pallavi and Ishwari garu With Shekhar.

Naga Chaitanya in the film

The long wait for the film’s release due to the pandemic has been a blessing, says Chaitanya. He said, ‘The film is getting marinated. On the bright side, we had time to fix it. We worked on re-recording, my dubbing and re-shooting some close-ups. We showed the film to a few people and took their opinion.”

After this, Chaitanya is working in Telugu films. Thank you Directed by Vikram Kumar and bangaraju With Nagarjuna directed by Kalyan Krishna. He will also make his Hindi debut with the film starring Aamir Khan. Lal Singh Chaddha Directed by Advait Chandan. Although pan-India films are the flavor of the season, Chaitanya weighs in with caution: “When I hear certain stories I ask myself whether, by going pan-India, we are being dishonest to region-specific cultural sensibilities. NS Lal Singh Chaddha The opportunity came from Aamir Khan’s office and I am happy to be a part of the film. My primary focus now is on Telugu and Tamil cinema.”

Chaitanya will also begin filming for a horror series directed by Vikram Kumar for Amazon Prime Video in December. The pandemic has made audiences appreciate both theatrical films and digital series and the actor says it gives them scope to do more: “There is no bar to try something new in the digital space. With a theatrical film, the producers work backwards and see what everyone needs to do to make the film appealing. I don’t blame them, that’s how business works. I would like to do both going forward.”

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