Doctors, fearing ‘tsunami’ of COVID-19 cases after Durga Puja, caution Mamata

Doctors, fearing ‘tsunami’ of COVID-19 cases when Durga Puja, caution Mamata

Doctors in West Bengal have written to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking her to require strict measures to envision state of affairs throughout Durga Puja as they feared a ‘tsunami’ of COVID-19 cases when the pageant.
Durga Puja is barely period away and folks have already started creating purchases, with several picture stores in metropolis packed with shoppers. This at a time once the amount of COVID-19 cases within the State and metropolis is barely ascent. On Tuesday, 85-year-old Soumitra Chatterjee, one amongst Bengal’s most revered actors, was admitted to Bellevue Clinic when testing positive.
Supporting their letter with a three-day moving-average graph that showed a steep rise within the range of cases within the State when Mahalaya and Vishwakarma Puja, the letter, written by the Joint Platform of Doctors, said: “Giving priority to emotions has resulted in serious neglect of safety protocols. In Kerala, when Onam celebrations, the infection rate went up by 750%. that’s why Section one hundred forty four had to be obligatory there.”
The letter reminded the Chief Minister that tho’ Durga Puja was a much-awaited pageant, one shouldn’t forget that this was the time of a pestilence, once Ganesa Chaturthi was subdued in geographic area and once Dandiya and Garba stand off in Gujarat, geographic area and Madhya Pradesh.
“Even in our State, Id and Muharram were determined inside. The noticeable rise within the range of cases when Mahalaya and Vishwakarma Puja is a sign of things to return. Therefore, any laxness in maintaining health protocols throughout Durga Puja will be unsafe. can|there’ll} be a wave of cases and also the scenario will spiral out of management,” same the letter signed by Dr. Hiralal Konar and Dr. Punyabrata Gun.
Saying the sacrifices and efforts created by aid staff of these months can not be allowed to travel vainly for the sake of festivities lasting some days, the letter urged the Chief Minister to confirm that state of affairs didn’t come about throughout the pageant which folks stepping out of their homes mandatorily wore masks.

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