Amazon India launches specialised Fulfilment Centre in Ponneri

Amazon India has opened a specialised Fulfilment Centre (FC) in Ponneri Taluk, Kancheepuram, along with the expansion of an existing FC at Tiruvallur district.

The new FC will provide concerning seven hundred thousand cubic  feet of cabinet area, housing several hundred thousand of product among the huge appliance and article of piece of furniture category. 

With this infrastructure enlargement, will presently provide storage capability of concerning 3 million cubic  feet across five fulfilment centres to its quite forty 3,000 sellers in state. the company same that this enlargement will contribute to the process among the state whereas creating thousands of labor opportunities for locals.

“Tamil Nadu may be a crucial marketplace for North yank country which we tend to unit of measurement delighted to any invest and expand our infrastructure among the State. This enlargement will work as degree enabler for SMBs in state serving to them with faster delivery of their product to a wider consumer base,” same Abhinav Singh, director – Amazon Transportation Services, Amazon Bharat. He added, “This gay season, health and safety of our associates and customers is of utmost priority.”

N. Muruganandam Principal Secretary Industries, Government of state, same “The Chief Minister has given clear directions to any or all government agencies to provide facilitation and support to any or all industrial and business establishments. Amazon’s investment in state will generate very important employment opportunities.” The enlargement in state is also a an area of Amazon Bharat’s recently declared plans to feature 10 new industry and expand seven existing sites across Bharat.

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